@chris This is really inspiring dude!

I totally love the browser too, it's SO packed with these features you mention, and a gajillion more, all for free and often hardware accelerated on every platform 🎉

@0atman Thank you! Imagine writing the game logic in Rust with wasm target. 🤯 That would be fast and fun.

@chris exactly my thoughts, rust would be so good for game state, the type system would really help you out a lot there. Maybe I'll make a game! 🤔😁

@chris FYI the `<meta name="viewport" content="width=480" />` tag causes your site to render very zoomed in on some devices/browsers (at least Safari on latest iPadOS 17.0.3) which makes it hard to read the text. Adding `initial-scale=1` makes it behave normally.

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