@lvk by the way I noticed your GitHub link on your profile has a typo so it leads to a 404 currently. Thought you might like to know!

Worklog: worked on 🥁 Beat Maker and a new indicator UI element for dopeloop.ai. Six issues left before I can release it.

Prototype of a tool to extract ambient pad drone synth sounds from audio source material. Needs a lot of work but I'll be deploying this on dopeloop.ai at some point.

Worklog: hacked on Beat Maker and dopeloop.ai new website site. 7 issues left before Beat Maker launch.

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Worklog: Beat Maker sample detail view fixes.

Worklog: hacking on Beat Maker sample detail view today.

There are 10 issues left before I can ship. My work rate is about 11 issues per month on projects like this, so I am hopeful I can get through these by the end of July. 🙏

Worklog: making it easier to edit Beat Maker beats on mobile phones. It's hard to squeeze a drum machine into a portrait view!

🎸 is back!

🎹 i'm honoured to have a track on this amazing compilation! 🙏


🤓 my track is a mix of procedurally generated patterns and hand crafted chip tune. i made it with OpenMPT, Pure Data, and a big teetering stack of custom coded software. having lots of fun writing music again this year!

Worklog: continued hacking on the new dark mode front page for dopeloop.ai yesterday.

Worklog: got Impulse Tracker module export working in Beat Maker. \o/

Worklog: continued hacking on Impulse Tracker export for Beat Maker.

Worklog: today I got half the Beat Maker .it format export working. Samples are being written, just have to get patterns working now.

Worklog: hacked on multiple download formats for Beat Maker, and online drum machine I'm building at dopeloop.ai/beat-maker (pre-beta demo).

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