Worklog: today I got half the Beat Maker .it format export working. Samples are being written, just have to get patterns working now.

Worklog: hacked on multiple download formats for Beat Maker, and online drum machine I'm building at (pre-beta demo).

The excellent Piku by @rcarmo is blowing up on HN today, and much deserved! Give it an upvote.👍

This GIF shows the Dopeloop UI in the three major browser rendering engines. The close-but-not-quite differences between WebKit, Chromium, and Firefox must drive designers mad!

I'm working on the checkbox design for Dopeloop UI. I wanted to see how it looked in the the major rendering engines so I wrote this small nbb + playwright script which takes a screenshot of localhost:8000 in each engine.


Worklog: made this popup menu for the download button on Beat Maker yesterday (for Need to fix the checkbox design and also implement the actual download formats (only wav loop works so far).

Incremental progress FTW!

Worklog: reviewing analytics [anonymous] using SQL queries in Metabase. Conclusion: tinkering with the sales page a couple of months ago didn't really affect sales much.

New working hypothesis: continuously improving the apps will lead to better sales. 🙇

Worklog: itwriter is released!

It's a JavaScript library for writing Impulse Tracker module files. It works in Node and the browser.

`npm i itwriter`

Worklog: itwriter.js hacking continues. Last night I got multiple samples working + stereo samples. Today I am tidying up for a proper release.

Worklog: continued hacking on itwriter.js - an Impulse Tracker binary file writer for JavaScript. Got patterns serializing properly today. \o/

Will be using this in apps as an export format, and also for some experiments.

Worklog: hacking on today. Getting ready for a product hunt launch tomorrow.

#event evening Saturday 18th May 2024 at New River Studios in #London, UK.

I'll be #livecoding #audio #dsp in the #C programming language.

Preparing a sort of #minimal #techno thing as a base to start from, who knows how it'll end...


Worklog: having fun hacking on this impulse tracker module file writer in JavaScript.


Worklog: laptop crashes aside (it's working again) I spent the last couple of days hacking on a small JavaScript library for writing impulse tracker module files. It's fairly minimal - just enough for sequencing of one-shot samples. Will be used in Beat Maker as an export format.

Related: why is there no open standard for sequenced audio samples? Something like MIDI + samples and/or embedded sound fonts. Would be a great way to interchange musical phrases between applications.

Managed to boot the device again. Making sure my backups are fresh now. I don't like the drive errors I saw before it died so I'll plan for a failing drive.

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