I've become a bit obsessed with Rogule (rogule.com/) by @chris. The only downside is that I can only play once per day.

Would be nice to have a “redemption run” option where upon losing get a second chance to beat the level, even if it didn't count towards the current streak or stats.

I had a nightmare about an AI and just before I woke up it told me "The sand is made of blood."

Cryptography provides one possible solution to the incoming wave of fake content generated by GPTs.


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Can you do any better?

Rogule 2023-3-5
🧝 5xp ⛩ 211 👣
streak: 1
⚔ 🦇👹👻🧞

nine thousand people played rogule in the past 24 hrs 🤯

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Make a classic roguelike game! you know, like dwarf fortress, or caves of qud, or cogmind!

this MIT licesed template includes the incredible ROT.js (line of sight, procgen dungeons, etc) and all the extras like a main menu.

A great starting point for fun! twitter.com/mccrmx/status/1631

🧝 I just open sourced Browser Boilerplate in time for .

Have fun making a roguelike if you are entering the jam! ⚔️


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Hey everyone! Let's go upvote my project Chromatone: Visual music language to learn, explore and express with producthunt.com/posts/chromato just published at @ProductHunt @webmidijs @vite_js @vuejs @VueUse

You know that amazing startup idea you have? I'm working on a site to help you test if anyone wants it. It's a simple landing page generator and this is the PoC. The final product will be hosted, collect signups for you, and give you analytics.

[built with and Sitefox]

🦊 v0.0.15 of Sitefox web framework for ClojureScript on Node is out.

* `inline` macro for slurping files.
* Bumped v of some deps.
* Rebuilt traceback logging.
* Improved 500 error traceback emailing.
* Bug fix in db/ls.
* Log emails in debug.


My second app of 2023 is in progress. It's a piano you can play with your thumbs. You'll be able to loop it in time with your pocket operator. Built with (script).

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