Worklog: worked on 🥁 Beat Maker and a new indicator UI element for Six issues left before I can release it.

Prototype of a tool to extract ambient pad drone synth sounds from audio source material. Needs a lot of work but I'll be deploying this on at some point.

Worklog: hacking on Beat Maker sample detail view today.

There are 10 issues left before I can ship. My work rate is about 11 issues per month on projects like this, so I am hopeful I can get through these by the end of July. 🙏

Worklog: making it easier to edit Beat Maker beats on mobile phones. It's hard to squeeze a drum machine into a portrait view!

Worklog: continued hacking on the new dark mode front page for yesterday.

Worklog: got Impulse Tracker module export working in Beat Maker. \o/

Worklog: continued hacking on Impulse Tracker export for Beat Maker.

This GIF shows the Dopeloop UI in the three major browser rendering engines. The close-but-not-quite differences between WebKit, Chromium, and Firefox must drive designers mad!

I'm working on the checkbox design for Dopeloop UI. I wanted to see how it looked in the the major rendering engines so I wrote this small nbb + playwright script which takes a screenshot of localhost:8000 in each engine.


Worklog: made this popup menu for the download button on Beat Maker yesterday (for Need to fix the checkbox design and also implement the actual download formats (only wav loop works so far).

Incremental progress FTW!

Worklog: itwriter.js hacking continues. Last night I got multiple samples working + stereo samples. Today I am tidying up for a proper release.

Worklog: continued hacking on itwriter.js - an Impulse Tracker binary file writer for JavaScript. Got patterns serializing properly today. \o/

Will be using this in apps as an export format, and also for some experiments.

Worklog: having fun hacking on this impulse tracker module file writer in JavaScript.


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