Worklog: Dopeloop testimonials carousel design. Hosted Gitea admin tasks, support, upgrades. More work on Sitefox Db layer thanks to funding!

Worklog: 🐟 floundered around for a few days, then finally managed to get back 🥁 on the Beat Maker horse. Implemented a tricky data serialization/persistence ticket. Can't wait to get this web app online!

Worklog: basic procedural beat generator working. 12 TODO list items until launch.

Worklog: more progress on Dopeloop Beat Maker this week. 9 TODO list items left until release.

Worklog: this week I got the drum sample generator working in Dopeloop Beat Maker. \o/

Worklog: had another fun week working on the new app. Here's a sneak peek. I'm really excited to ship this one soon!

Worklog: busy week hacking on projects.

🌲 Lots of support for a large customer working with Gitea Actions.
💳 Tweaks to the Melody Generator subscription pipeline.
🎨 Started building a style guide / component whatsit for

tfw the beat drops at the same moment all your tests pass in the test rig you spent several days getting set up to test a lib change and it works first time. 😤

Worklog: upgraded Gitea on all machines this week + doing some support.

Been doing some analytics on anonymous data.

* 2,500+ people have downloaded more than 10 procedurally generated MIDI files.
* Some people have generated more than 1,000 melodies.
* Many sessions last days and days over a period of several months.

It's a nice feeling to know people are finding this software useful!

Working on mostly wrangling analytics today. Also started working on a dark mode which I might make the new default.

Also got drum sound classification working using a bayesian classifier. 😤 🥁

Slicing up drum samples with librosa + a little data science help from a large language model.

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