Worklog: lots of progress hacking on (Melody Generator Pro).
- Refactoring.
- Authentication API update.
- Exporting wav & mp3 feature.
- Accounts page update.
- Show MG Pro info modal when exporting MIDI.

Worklog: hacked on a browser based live-reloading web dev experimental thing over the weekend.

@Rob_Russell you got 3 out of 4, the last is "defer it". this includes things like snoozing an email, or putting something on a "maybe/someday" to-do list you deliberately look at only once a month. it's out of sight, out of mind, but still captured somewhere so you don't have to waste brainpower remembering it

Worklog: Hung over. Faffed about trying to get Malli type errors showing up via clj-kondo. Got sitefox-payments integrated into to support paid subscriptions. \o/

Worklog: integrated Sitefox auth/accounts into the backend. Long day wrestling to get the integration working in this old codebase & upgrading server libs. Managed to keep the old Postgres session data intact. \o/

@danstowell Just realized I didn't link to the source, where you can find out more info:

The case is a "Gpi case" for Raspberry Pi zero.

Lol, Andreesen Horowitz tagged the wrong Chris McCormick and so I get to have a bit of fun.

@danstowell I'm not sure of the answer to either of those questions yet but I really appreciate them! 🙏

gameboy formfactor raspberry pi zero running custom mod tracker live performance software (python + pure data) playing an impulse tracker module and toggling channels on and off.

Working on a big update to melody generator today.

- Fix iOS looping.
- Fix MIDI export loop issues.
- Fix overlapping notes issue.
- Upgraded various deps (React, Reagent, midi-writer).
- Switch to rendered loop based playback.
- Build fixes.
- Fix metronome icon.

"I’m fooling around not doing anything, which probably means that this is a creative period, although of course you don’t know until afterwards. I think that it is very important to be idle. So I am not ashamed of being idle." –Freeman Dyson
(via @yaxu & @FoAM) updates on Friday/Saturday:

- Upgraded all boxes to 1.19.3
- Show disk usage on account page.
- Notify admin (me) when Gitea version bumps.
- Hardened firewall on all boxes.
- Fixed weird DNS issue.
- Improved first login experience.
- Documentation.

Updated this week - fixing UI bugs with numeric input, button states, slider layout.

You're in good company.

> I find it frustrating that some frontend Javascript libraries require that you use a build system.

> I really, really dislike having to use a local build script when I’m working with JavaScript code.
RT @lisperati
I miss the olden days of browser javascript before nodejs/browserify/webpack

You would just include a library by writing

<script src="library.js"></script>…

This is an proof of concept. It takes a JSON data structure with b64 samples + note position data and outputs a Protracker .mod file and renders a wav file using libOpenMPT. Next step: build some generators to create track data algorithmically.

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