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PO Sync free sync app for Android & Apple, has been now been submitted both stores. \o/

Just gotta wait for both to pass review. Super excited to get this out there!

PO Sync sync app has been submitted to the app store. \o/

It's a app running native via Cordova.

Source code is here:

I donated this year's profits ($500) to the @giteaio project on Opencollective. Hope it helps this great software continue! 🎉

this week worked on which has been quietly growing in 2022 (now $100 MRR). i worked on the backend infrastructure to get ready for a new user-facing dashboard where customers can manage their gitea instance and subscription.

Shout out to @borkdude for the intro to Sitefox:

Super helpful beginner tool.

Great talk from Clojure Days which you can find here:

#clojure #replbro #functional

"skylab control" is up! song #6 of my procedurally-generated hand-crafted lo-fi beats series.

(also on YouTube, Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc.)

we pulled the 🎄 tree out and these little 3d printed guys were hiding in there from last year

Thanks to @simon and the fantastic built-in migration tool, I managed to move my Mastodon server under my usual domain name. \o/


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