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- Hacking on a feature one of the first users asked for. Finally getting around to it. 😅
- Fixed a bunch of issues on and pushed a new release. It made $120 in July. \o/

Worklog: since I shipped subs I'm letting myself noodle around this week.

🎛️ Building an DAW (Pd + ClojureScript) for a music project.
🌲 Upgrading Gitea on all boxes.
👾 Getting back into coding.

Worklog: morning hacking on AlgoTracker. Got procedural sample generation working (update in video). Then worked on a new TweetFeast feature and shipped a release.

Worklog: quietly launched the new subscription version of Melody Generator on Monday. There is nothing more humbling than presenting your business hypothesis to real people's wallets.

Wednesday: hacked on a new TweetFeast idea, then tinkered with algorave code into the evening.

Worklog: got the last bit of UI done on Melody Generator subscription updates. I think I might be able to ship this Monday. 🤞

Worklog: busy day hacking on different projects. Monitoring script. Upgraded all machines. Wrote a script to test post-upgrade functionality. muting functionality. bugfix + shipped a release.

@b0rk @simon Please excuse my @@ but since you have both written about building web frontends without complex tooling I thought you might like this wee open source tool I made to support the zero-build-system workflow and give you live-reloading in the process. Anyway, hopefully it will be useful! Thank you for your time. 🙏

Worklog: excellent progress on today. Currently 5 issues until I can ship the new version.

Worklog: continuing progress on Melody Generator. Looking forward to cutting a release. Hopefully by the end of the month.

Also tinkered a bit with generating sprites again. Started putting together a bit of a website to showcase what I've found. Not sure about this. 

Worklog: got multi-melody playback working in the Melody Generator UI. \o/

Worklog: automating custom domain config on and then tinkered with sending Bluetooth LE ad packets between devices for music app sync research.

Worklog: Wednesday I discovered Pd on Linux can now run win32 VSTs and soundfonts. 🤯 Futzed around with synthesizers all day long.
Today: upgraded all boxes and enabled Gitea Actions on them.
Worked on the Melody Generator multi-melody feature both days.

Worklog: spent all day repeatedly trying to shepherd my focus back to an unpleasant modification to the Melody Generator codebase (i.e. a hack) which will enable the "multiple simultaneous melodies" feature. Been avoiding this change for 3 years. 😅

Worklog: spent a couple of days working on Melody Generator save functionality.

Worklog: (Wednesday) Implemented saving and loading of melodies on Melody Generator.

Worklog: (Monday) Experimenting with generating and auto-slicing game assets. Not entirely sure where this is going but it's fun to tinker with.

👋 Hello! I'm very excited to announce the release of! 🎉

🎁 It's a simple utility you can use to do live-reloading web dev without complicated build tooling. Just drag your project on to the page to start.

Worklog: down with the flu for several days. Managed to eke out some progress on Melody Generator,, and getting web live reloader ready for launch.

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