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Also got drum sound classification working using a bayesian classifier. 😤 🥁

Slicing up drum samples with librosa + a little data science help from a large language model.

🎉I'm excited to announce the launch of new capacity tiers on

💾 You can now get up to 160Gb for your Git LFS models or assets!

Today I finally finished the implementation of storage tiers on 😤 Will deploy and launch tomorrow. 🙌

Worklog: so far this week I've been hacking on some stuff and some some code (generating drum loops). Today I am finishing a talk about for JS GameDev summit 2023.

Worklog: spent the remainder of the week continuing work on new storage tiers for to enable larger LFS usage. The new tiers are taking much longer than I expected to implement. Hopefully it will be done next week.

Worklog: Later this week I started building new tiers with extra storage for I also hacked on my tiny browser game engine a fair bit, which I'm hoping to release soon.

Worklog: monitoring. Then tinkering on a tiny web game engine

Worklog: spent the whole day on under-the-hood improvements to \o/
Evening learning how to write Vim plugins.

Worklog: scattered week putting out client fires 🔥 but also managed to hack on projects:
🌲 - fixed a deployment bug.
🐦 - tinkering with tweet generator.
👾 - persist user settings (for mono/poly playback).

aish gets you shell script one-liners right in your terminal prompt where you need them.

curl > ~/bin/aish && chmod 755 ~/bin/aish

. aish pls write a bash for loop going from 5 to 15

Worklog: finished a new feature. Then tinkered with a bash completion LLM plugin.

- Hacking on a feature one of the first users asked for. Finally getting around to it. 😅
- Fixed a bunch of issues on and pushed a new release. It made $120 in July. \o/

Worklog: since I shipped subs I'm letting myself noodle around this week.

🎛️ Building an DAW (Pd + ClojureScript) for a music project.
🌲 Upgrading Gitea on all boxes.
👾 Getting back into coding.

Worklog: morning hacking on AlgoTracker. Got procedural sample generation working (update in video). Then worked on a new TweetFeast feature and shipped a release.

Worklog: quietly launched the new subscription version of Melody Generator on Monday. There is nothing more humbling than presenting your business hypothesis to real people's wallets.

Wednesday: hacked on a new TweetFeast idea, then tinkered with algorave code into the evening.

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