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@simon your blog and feeds on new AI developments continue to be an incredibly useful as a way to stay up to date. Thank you for sharing!

I don't suppose you have a post or concise document anywhere summarizing which tools and plugins you are currently using and for what?

Worklog: starting to settle in to London and finally getting some work done again - 3.5km walk each morning to get both kids to school notwithstanding!

Managed to move forward a bit in the last couple of weeks. Hope to have the subscription version of this live before the end of the month, do a bit of marketing, and then I can refocus back on other projects.

"The diagrams and the whole business that I got the Nobel Prize for came from that piddling around with the wobbling plate."
-- Richard Feynman is back. I unbroke the instance verifier at 11,500 meters over Iran. 🕊️

🇬🇧 On Dec 31st we are moving to the UK for 2024. 🎉

Have not been able to write any code for two weeks due to packing etc. 🥹 Hard to express how badly I want to get back to writing software. 😅 Super excited to start our new adventure!

Worklog: converted back to a completely free and open source project that anybody can use online to animate SVGs. 🎉

Worklog: This week I decided to take another crack at getting to market (i.e. implementing subscriptions). I didn't quite get there but made good progress.

I am pretty sure I will get subscriptions live this week. Traffic and usage of the site & AI features has been consistent. Some people seem to find it useful. I'm looking forward to seeing how it performs as a paid product.

I hope to retain my moral compass somehow, despite building an LLM based subscription product.

Worklog: 🐟 floundered around for a few days, then finally managed to get back 🥁 on the Beat Maker horse. Implemented a tricky data serialization/persistence ticket. Can't wait to get this web app online!

Worklog: took a break from Beat Maker last week to hack on some 🌲 essential fixes.

📼 Started implementing subscriptions & analytics on which has been getting a fair bit of traffic, but it was slow going and I didn't really get anywhere. Not very motivated to work on it.

🤓 Also tinkered with some algorithmic tracker module code which was the most fun.

🥁 Back to Beat Maker this week.

Worklog: fixed a provisioning bug on and tightened up security.

I can't seem to capture a screencast without audio glitches when generating, but the app itself has no such artifacts.

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Worklog: basic procedural beat generator working. 12 TODO list items until launch.

Worklog: more progress on Dopeloop Beat Maker this week. 9 TODO list items left until release.

Worklog: this week I got the drum sample generator working in Dopeloop Beat Maker. \o/

Worklog: upgraded Gitea on all machines. Added a new DNS monitoring script. Improved validation on signup form.

Worklog: had another fun week working on the new app. Here's a sneak peek. I'm really excited to ship this one soon!

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