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Worklog: reviewing analytics [anonymous] using SQL queries in Metabase. Conclusion: tinkering with the sales page a couple of months ago didn't really affect sales much.

New working hypothesis: continuously improving the apps will lead to better sales. 🙇

Worklog: itwriter is released!

It's a JavaScript library for writing Impulse Tracker module files. It works in Node and the browser.

`npm i itwriter`

Worklog: itwriter.js hacking continues. Last night I got multiple samples working + stereo samples. Today I am tidying up for a proper release.

Worklog: continued hacking on itwriter.js - an Impulse Tracker binary file writer for JavaScript. Got patterns serializing properly today. \o/

Will be using this in apps as an export format, and also for some experiments.

Worklog: hacking on today. Getting ready for a product hunt launch tomorrow.

#event evening Saturday 18th May 2024 at New River Studios in #London, UK.

I'll be #livecoding #audio #dsp in the #C programming language.

Preparing a sort of #minimal #techno thing as a base to start from, who knows how it'll end...


Worklog: having fun hacking on this impulse tracker module file writer in JavaScript.


Worklog: laptop crashes aside (it's working again) I spent the last couple of days hacking on a small JavaScript library for writing impulse tracker module files. It's fairly minimal - just enough for sequencing of one-shot samples. Will be used in Beat Maker as an export format.

Related: why is there no open standard for sequenced audio samples? Something like MIDI + samples and/or embedded sound fonts. Would be a great way to interchange musical phrases between applications.

Managed to boot the device again. Making sure my backups are fresh now. I don't like the drive errors I saw before it died so I'll plan for a failing drive.

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🍵 Catastrophic peppermint tea related hard drive failure.
💻 What's the best GNU/Linux laptop in 2024? Dell XPS 13 served me well.

Worklog: epic week of hacking on features and bugfixes based on some great user feedback. Many issues closed. 🎉

I am a bit worried about creating a new vector for AI "slop" (now that the term has been coined). 😅 Hopefully people will use it for good not evil.

Worklog: Hosted Gitea upgrades. Built a new user account page for with a list of the user's generated articles. Testing & logged bugs.

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